Reporting concerns

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  • We protect the anonymity of those who report concerns and while investigating your concerns, we will not disclose your name without obtaining your consent first.
  • We will not disclose the personal information of those who report concerns, the fact that we received reports of concerns, nor the content of reported concerns to anyone except those assigned to investigate the case.

Matters to be reported

  • Actions taken by JT Group officers and employees that violate or may violate the JT Group Code of Conduct.
  • Matters which the JT Group Supplier Standards advise that our business partners report concerns.

Individuals who may report concerns through this site

  • Officers and employees* working for our business partners.
  • * includes full time employees, contract employees, part-time workers, short-period workers, and dispatched employees
  • individuals applying to work for JT Group companies


  • For reporting concerns, please enter your name, contact information, and your affiliation (company, department, etc.).
  • If you cannot disclose aforementioned personal information, such as your name, we will accept your reporting as anonymous. In such a case, please keep in mind it may be difficult to conduct a thorough investigation. Moreover, as a general rule we do not provide investigation results to those who report anonymously.
  • We will not accept any reporting that is tantamount to slander or libel, or is based on false allegation, or is made for improper purposes.

How we handle reported concerns

  • Concerns which are reported through this site are handled by the JT Compliance Office. If your concern is regarding the international tobacco business of JT Group (JTI), JTI Corporate Compliance will handle it.
  • After you submit your concern, we will notify you of receipt of your concerns within one week.
  • If the concern you report is considered to require investigation, we will conduct fact-finding activities by interviewing the parties involved and other means. In conducting the investigation, we may ask for additional information.
  • While giving full consideration to the privacy of the parties involved, we will notify you of our findings as necessary.

Prohibition against unfair treatment

The JT Group will not treat an individual or their company who report concerns unfairly.
However, we may not be in a position to protect an individual or their company who report concerns if they have been involved in violation of JT Group Code of Conduct.

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  • It is possible that we may not be able to respond to every message. Please accept our apologies if this is the case.
  • If you prefer not to give name of yourself, company and/or department, please enter "Anonymous" in the name section.
  • Please read our privacy statement linked below and check the "Yes" box to indicate your consent before proceeding.
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